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The Charlotte, NC Real Estate Market and Why Everyone is Moving Here!

Charlotte – the largest, fast-growing, and most populated city in North Carolina.

Charlotte’s Real Estate Market is one of the strongest markets at present in terms of population expansion and potential capital growth. In the past few years, many millennials have found moving to Charlotte a viable option due to a variety of reasons which will be discussed in this post.

The reason behind the height in the Real Estate Market and Why People are Moving here? 

Real estate in Charlotte is quite affordable. It is one of the reasons why millennials prefer moving here. Because of this influx of new homebuyers, the real estate market is in full swing and more people are moving to this region.

Other Reasons 

The other reasons include benefits such as good job opportunities, tax-friendly and carries an enormous single population.

Benefits of Living In Charlotte, NC 

The city has got major industries in finance, healthcare, and technology that makes the economy of the city diverse. Also, did you know there are some major companies as well in Charlotte? Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s Brighthouse Financial, Atrium Health and Duke Energy; all are found in the Queen City. It is a city that offers significant benefits and important companies are also present. So, who wouldn’t love to move here?

Two Reasons for Expansion in Real Estate Market 

The major two reasons for the growth in Real Estate Market are:

  • The basic cost of an average residence in Charlotte city was $249,275 last year (2020). That is 2% less than the basic value of a single-family residence nationwide.
  • In certain neighborhoods, the average value of the residence is 4% more than the nationwide home value.

Low home value attracts more buyers and consequently, more real estate market grows and population as well. Because everybody wants to save money, no?

It’s a tale that started in 2014 and since then, Charlotte’s home worth has appreciated by over 49%. That is 36% quicker than the national average. While old appreciation doesn’t certainly correlate to forthcoming appreciation, we can foresee this fad to proceed because of the massively thriving population in this region.

Evidence to Charlotte’s Population Growth

It has happened since 2010 that the population in the Charlotte housing society has thrived by a whopping 17%. Guess what? That’s 181% quicker than the nationwide average! This implies that more people are moving to Charlotte, which is an incredible indication for investors who are glancing to get into the Charlotte, NC Real Estate market before home prices and rents continue to rise.

Charlotte Will Have Much More to Offer In the Coming Years

Keeping in view all the evidence in this post and as a Realtor, I can honestly say that the Charlotte Real Estate Market is different from anything I’ve ever seen. Houses are in demand and it’s a good time to sell your residence in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Charlotte’s leaders are presently peeking at innovative means to create more inexpensive residences according to the 2040 plan but there’s no sudden solace in the scenery at present.

Till then, the city is taking off to be a promising place to be if you are in the market to buy or sell real estate. That is!

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