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Mirna Caballero, Blogger

Born in one of the greatest cities of all time, San Francisco, California. I grew up in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in the streets of The Mission district – which taught me nothing but hustle.

I bring my talents to the Carolinas, where I first stepped foot about 15 years ago, it instantly became my second home as I embraced the beauty of suburban living. I remember seeing the giant brick homes in subdivisions with perfectly cut grass, and it felt like a movie, something I had never seen before.

I attended The Art Institute of Charlotte, majoring in Web Design & Interactive Media. I’ve always had a passion for all things web, including writing. While I was a college student, I ran my own celebrity gossip blog ( – it did pretty well for itself, bringing in approximately 1,000 unique daily visitors. I worked with brands like Coca-Cola to promote the American Music Awards. The blog was just a hobby for me, and when I was done with college, I decided I no longer had time for it and pulled the plug.

I’m ready to revive my blog, but I’m choosing important topics that will impact people’s everyday lives this time. CarolinaLivn‘ came to life in May of 2021 and continues growing today.

QuesaBirrias in Charlotte, NC

As of today, I’ve helped one small business in Charlotte become one of the most successful! You might’ve heard of Maria’s Mexican Restaurant by now! They went unnoticed on South Blvd. for 12 years! I stepped in about two years ago, gave a few ideas on what food the Carolinas was missing (QuesaBirrias!), and put my social media touch to the game plan. Today, Maria’s has over 10K+ followers on Instagram and is steadily growing as a million-dollar company!

If you own a business and need help with social media, contact me here:

Many people ask me why I moved to The Carolinas from Cali! Well, let me give you my personal top 5 reasons I love living in the Carolinas:

Cheap Gas

Did you know South Carolina has some of the cheapest gas in the country? Meanwhile, all my folks in Cali are paying around $7 a gallon!

Best of Both Worlds

I’m a city girl that has fallen in love with that country charm. I enjoy quiet mornings with only the sounds of nature and birds. There is something about nature that brings me peace. Let’s say it beats sirens and drug addicts fighting outside.

Crowders Mountain

Being a city girl, I never explored nature! Sounds crazy, right? Let’s say I had never been on a real hike until I hiked Crowders Mountain! The views! 😍 But back to the topic at hand, if I’m feeling “city,” I can hit up Charlotte – which has so much to offer!

Real Estate

This one is a no-brainer! I come from a place where an old, broken-down home can cost you a million dollars—where housing options are limited even to those who have lived there for decades. In California, I witnessed a lot of people get displaced from their homes with rising rents and extreme costs of living. Even with jobs paying competitive salaries, most people in the Bay Area have to work two jobs or commute 1-2 hours to get by and make a living. I knew that wasn’t the life for me.

Although, I’ve started to notice similar trends in the cost of living throughout the Charlotte metro area. When I first moved here (2006), any and everyone could have their own place! I remember folks were renting full-blown apartments for $500 a month, you could rent a house for $700/month, and real estate prices were almost a joke; you had a wide selection of homes to choose from that were under $100k!

Approximately 100 people move to Charlotte every single day! While our glorious Queen City is growing, it’s also causing a massive spike in the cost of living. A one-bedroom apartment now costs you $1,300+, and real estate prices have blown through the roof! Finding anything under $300k in Charlotte has now become a challenge!

Live or moving to Charlotte and need a Realtor? I would love to work with you! Schedule a call with me here.

The Food Scene

Everywhere you turn, a plethora of restaurants are opening up all over the Queen City! Just check the food section of my blog!

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