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| April 11, 2022

April 11, 2022


La Caseta at Camp North End in Charlotte is the go-to spot for all your Latinx food cravings! It’s a rare occasion I see both tacos and pupusas on the same menu, and La Caseta doesn’t stop there! They also specialize in Argentinian Empanadas & Venezuelan Arepas!

Pupusa Revuelta con Curtido

Pupusas Revueltas have been my favorite since I can remember, and La Caseta did not disappoint. The thick corn tortilla is stuffed with ground pork, cheese, and beans, then topped with curtido (Salvadoran coleslaw) and warm tomato sauce.

Arepa Rumbera

Arepa Rumbera | La Caseta

My first time trying Venezuelan Arepas, I loved the simplicity of the shredded pork and cheese stuffed into the thick, fresh-made Arepa. A few drops of Valentina hot sauce and this Venezuelan delight made my day!

La Caseta also offers Mexican soda, Jarritos! They pair perfectly with any Mexican food. If you’ve never had one, I suggest you try them; my favorite flavor is Mandarin. Or if you are in a fun mood, you can opt for a beer or Seltzer like I did.

Al Pastor Taco with Green Salsa

I appreciate how La Caseta unites the different flavors of Latin street food! I’ll return to try their tacos Al Pastor which look 100% authentic! Seeing the meat prepared with pineapple on a stand-up Rotisserie was refreshing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered tacos Al Pastor (east coast) and when I see them, they aren’t even the right color! La Caseta is doing it right, especially as they top them with salsa verde so you can get straight to munching!

La Caseta Menu

Camp North End

1801 N Graham St., Charlotte, NC

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